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Let us provide you with your next working dog. We have a select variety of exceptional canines in all stages of training in order to meet your working dog needs. (more…)

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Not only do we train and house some of the world’s most elite working dogs, but did you know that we can also provide training and a home away from home for your four-legged partner(s)? (more…)


Allow us to lend a hand and experience the multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces. (more…)

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If you want to produce the world’s greatest working canines, it all starts with the best possible genetic material. (more…)

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We aren’t your typical working dog service provider, and neither are our training programs. (more…)

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Valhall K-9 International’s motto is “Always on Target,” and we mean that. (more…)

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The Numbers

Years of Service per Canine
8 years
Annual Uses per Canine
Number of Human Olfactory Receptors
Number of Canine Olfactory Receptors

Valhall Stories

Pete is one of the most insightful trainers I’ve ever met. His wealth of knowledge and experience as both a trainer and handler has made my learning and experience in the K9 Industry very rewarding!

Much Thanks!

Will and Chase – Bedbug Detection Team – Hampton, VA.



Thank you again for helping train and certify Truss. It was a real pleasure to be able to work with you and to learn some new tricks. You are a true professional and I am glad that we had the opportunity to meet. Be safe out where you currently are, LOL.

K9 Truss SGT J. Scott / Auburn, GA Police Department

Patrol and Explosives Detection K9

K9 Kilo Don Shaw - USMC

I responded to a bomb threat at our county courthouse today. Blitz found the Judge’s gun and another bullet behind a file cabinet in the parole office. He is the talk of the town in the surrounding 6 counties.


K9 Blitz Deputy Worrell / Northampton County Sheriff's Office

I just thought you’d enjoy a picture of ol’ Arson doing what he does best… Wrecking the decoy!

MPC Arson Charlie Cummings

Rogue is by far one of the best dogs that I have every had the pleasure of handling. He really is everything that a working dog should be and has exceeded all of my expectations. I enjoy having him around.


Rogue Dakota Miller

Hey Pete,

We just returned from providing disaster relief and security services in Houston. I just wanted to let you know that Odin and Choke are freaking rock-stars. Talk to you later!

NRK9- Odin and Choke NRK9 Solutions, LLC

What can our canines detect?

There isn't anything as discerning and sensitive as a dog’s nose, which can be used to find any of the following odors with ease.

  • Agricultural items, Animals, Bed Bugs, Termites
  • Cellular Phones, Contraband, Currency
  • Endangered Wildlife Products, Ivory
  • Explosives, Fire Accelerants
  • Humans, Human Remains, Medical Conditions
  • Mold, Truffles, and other Fungi
  • Narcotics, Illicit Drugs
  • Plants, Produce

Our canine selection success rates?

Single Purpose
Dual Purpose
Protection & Sports


About the Video

Dedicated to some of the most amazing and inspirational men that I know.

Thanks for the encouragement and mentor-ships along the way.


A couple of notes

Don’t Forget About The Puppies

All of our puppies begin their training at 3 days of age.

Our Mission Statement and Motto

Valhall K-9 International’s mission statement is, “To responsibly develop solid and dependable working canines that contribute to operational success and provide a peace of mind.” Our motto is, “Always on Target!”

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